[warning move CS to KDP] different set of rules

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[warning move CS to KDP] different set of rules

Post by Dutchgirl » Fri Oct 26, 2018 3:10 pm

I’m updating my keywords and some manuscripts.
A thing I noticed
When you check the interior reviewer at KDP the manuscript goes through the review process again.
(you have to approve the review to go to the next page)
And things which were accepted at CS are not accepted at KDP.
For instance, keywords in the title, writing the isbn like 10- or 13-, having a symbol in the footer for a blank notebook.
And sometimes covers aren’t good anymore because they changed the size.

I received several mails that I had to change my manuscripts. They even sent me a mail I had to change the title, which I can’t, since it is locked.

So, you can update your keywords but never, ever open the interior reviewer if you don’t want to change anything.

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Re: [warning move CS to KDP] different set of rules

Post by Phoenix » Fri Oct 26, 2018 3:33 pm

You are quite right. Some of the CS generated material is not compatible with KDP like a cover made with CS's Cover Creator. However, it is purportedly, only a problem if you access the files or make changes. Just recently, I sold three paperbacks through KDP after having my files transferred. I am hoping like crazy that the customer receives copies of my books with similar quality to CS. I have been unable to order proof or author copies to check out their quality because I am based in Australia. KDP do not deliver to Australia unless you order from the Amazon.au site through extended distribution. I do not feel like paying such an exorbitant price for my books.
Once you begin adjusting or inspecting your books on the KDP site, you will be required to make some changes and practically go through the entire publishing process again. I will wait until I can set up with Ingram Spark before I attempt to look at my transferred files.

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