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[IngramSpark] ebooks

Post by Coral » Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:04 am

Can anyone tell me, once and for all, if it's worth selling ebooks through IngramSpark? I have one, and it's been available for two days. I've run into problems with the IS ebook while IS are offline over the weekend and unable to help me. So I've been seeking feedback from online communities. I've heard such negative stories that I'm reconsidering having done this in the first place now. Is it possible to delete an ebook from IngramSpark?

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Re: [IngramSpark] ebooks

Post by Phoenix » Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:40 pm

Ask ten different people and you can expect ten different answers. Everyone has a totally individual experience which is wholly dependent on the genre of their book, the quality and style in which it is written, the expertise with which it is edited and so on and so forth, ad-infinitum. No one will be able to give you a definitive response that will ease your mind 'once and for all'. Most of the moderators on here have successful dealings with IS. I have not yet gone down that road because I detest their publication process. However, I am not looking to be a financial success with my books, merely honouring a bucket list notion.
I am more than satisfied with CS for paperbacks while it lasts, KDP for my ebooks, and Lulu for my hard covers. I have heard horror stories about each of the companies I just mentioned. A lot depends on your abilities if you wish to be an Indie author. It is a huge learning curve that does not suit everyone. Maybe you should look into having someone publish for you using POD? If your work is worth it, I'm sure there are persons on here or other forums who might be able to assist you. Of course, that means less profits for you. Persevere, stick at it dogmatically and don't let yourself be daunted by the many hurdles we must clear if you truly want to be an Indie author. Good luck.

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