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[Introduction] Halito! Hello!

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:47 pm
by RayBoydstun
My name is Ray Boydstun.
I couldn't get my picture in here. I made a goodreads account earlier this month. It is an old picture now but it's of me.
I'm from Renner, Texas but that town no longer exists. Now it is the part of Dallas, Texas that is known as Far North Dallas. At one time in the past the population was close to 400.

I'm of mixed races and ethnicities with 4 lineal descents from 4 American Indian Nations who were forcibly removed from their nations to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears, probably the most popular name it is known by.
I've been told stories about the past including some from a great-great-great grandmother who traveled on the TOT. When she was old she told them to the young. When they were old they told them to me.

I have many White European ancestors lineages who came to America over many years including Hispanic. There are a number of them I wonder about, especially when it comes to character sketches, like that one ancestor who was a shipbuilder on the Isle of Man in the 1600s.

I'm autistic, dyslexic, and more which causes me a lot of problems. I'm not technical. I was told about Createspace in December 2016. I had no idea at all about it and self-publishing like it is done today and apparently many years now. That led me to go digging in old storage for things I have written in the past. A lot of it is gone. Someone else has thrown away my things. Some were stolen.

I think a lot of my characters are made from what I wrote above.
I don't like everything I write because it involves abuse. It is really something I haven't been able to stop writing about completely because I stick to what I know from experience.

One book I'm wanting to publish really soon I wrote in early 2003 and has its own story. I think it is probably 5-8 grades chapter book. It has just over 29,000 words. That is a lot for me with my disabilities. It is a fantasy book with magic set in West Texas. It is set in the summer of 1980. I cannot write about things too modern very well because I don't understand all of the modern technology that people use today.
I have some sarcasm and clues throughout the book. One sarcasm is having the main character come from the fictitious town of Freedom, Oklahoma because her ancestors were forced from their legal standing nations to Oklahoma Territory by the Trail of Tears to their new "freedom". Really there is a lot of hurt in anger underlying in that still today.

Another book I may be ready to publish soon is one of mostly some song lyrics I wrote over a few decades so pretty much a short poem book.

Thank you very much to all of y'all who will be able to help me now and in the future.
I need the help.


Re: [Introduction] Halito! Hello!

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:54 pm
by Phoenix
G'day Ray, welcome to the forum. Having helped to edit a friend's book, who suffers from dyslexia, I sympathise with your plight. It is not easy for someone with that condition to write a book that others can read without the help of a very patient editor. I would never do it again, that's for sure. I wish you luck, and hope you succeed. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Re: [Introduction] Halito! Hello!

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:32 am
by RayBoydstun
Thank you (Yakoke), Mr. Joe.

I can tell by what you wrote that your friend has a much harder time with dyslexia than I do. One thing it can do to me though is I can be reading and then just drop off asleep. Mine is more hearing. It's not as bad as when I was younger.

I've had someone with a master's degree in English and a number of phd classes help me do some basic editing.
I've done what I can in editing.
It's funny to find mistakes like when I said "parents" when I meant to say "mother".

I'm so glad you have talents, like your woodworking. That's cool.

Thank you, Phoenix.

[Introduction] Halito Hello

Posted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 1:29 am
by Rosellacloxy
Hello and Welcome Gemma. Im sure yu will find this site helpful