[2018 Predictions] Mark Coker's Predictions for 2018 (CEO of Smashwords).

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[2018 Predictions] Mark Coker's Predictions for 2018 (CEO of Smashwords).

Post by danwiz » Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:42 pm

I posted this over at CS and it disappeared. Whether somebody reported it as spam, or the mods just got over-zealous, who knows, but here are some rather scary predictions about 2018 and indie authors.
http://blog.smashwords.com/2017/12/2018 ... tions.html
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Re: [2018 Predictions] Mark Coker's Predictions for 2018 (CEO of Smashwords).

Post by Phoenix » Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:55 pm

I guess much of what he says has the ring of truth to it. It also has the taste of sour grapes to it. What I know for a fact, is that Smashwords did nothing for my ebooks, which is why I swapped over to KDP and the select program which has shown fairly regular sales and KU reads. I don't like the fact that someone can read one of my smaller colour books in their entirety for less than you can buy one, but I am willing to take that blow at the moment to become more established.
A giant company monopolising the field is always a scary notion, but I would not be an Indie Author without CreateSpace, owned by Amazon. I was with Smashwords and KDP at the same time, and SW did absolutely nothing to convince me they offered a better, wiser, more accessible reader base than Amazon.
The industry could do with a few more competitors, that goes without saying, but the doom and gloom that Mark Koker predicts seems to be aimed at Smashwords and his distribution channels more than anything else.
Sour grapes or insightful truth on a broader front? There are a few ways to look at everything he mentions. Calling for Google or Sony or anyone else to take over the ailing B&N might only play into Amazon's hands. Far easier to develop strategies against one competitor than it is against many.
It is a thought-provoking piece, but Smashwords will have to wait a very long time before I return, if ever. Not that they will be holding their collective breath waiting for this little nobody to make a move. :)

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