[SHIPPING] UK delivery times for proofs

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Re: [SHIPPING] UK delivery times for proofs

Post by walton » Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:43 pm

My guess is that once a book has been proofread and edited to death, 99% of all printed proofs are unnecessary. That is, the proof is intended to show the printability and quality of the book, not for a last stab as getting the writing and formatting right.

But that 1% is a lot, if you're in it. I had a book that passed all Acrobat preflight tests. Passed the CS preflight. Was accepted and printed. I had clumps of text in Times New Roman that printed as little blocks! That is the only time I've had a problem that the proof caught. I've had covers that shifted color due to metamerism failure (a color looks different under different light sources . . . in this case, CS tends to shift towards the cyan-green), and which I could correct.

I assume you did order a printed copy. If not, you should. Even with a printed proof, stuff can happen. As I mentioned above, it is important to have a reference copy (the printed proof is often called a contract proof: it represents the tangible part of our contract with CS; we've accepted that quality and CS will print our books to order). It's not about taking CS or Amazon to court, but to have reference when something goes wrong and the bozo in CustomerService says there's nothing wrong etc. etc. etc.

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Re: [SHIPPING] UK delivery times for proofs

Post by KIALea » Tue Feb 20, 2018 2:15 pm

Thanks walton, i did not i bit the bullet to release and order a copy to view then will deactivate distrubution once dispatched before i check it. Ive ordered tonight already, cannot believe its up on amazon already so quick.

Says it will come thurs and has cost me a fraction and i assume that the printed proper order should be that of the same as a proof print anyway? At least i know what prople ate actually physically recieving.

Eeek!! Snowballed in days!! Lol feel so unprepared haha. Meanwhile still awaiting IG file reviewal!!

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