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[CREATESPACE] Inside Margins

Post by carsonni » Mon May 21, 2018 9:38 am

I recently worked on redesigning a book/magazine for a client and they are having trouble getting the filed approved for print via CreateSpace. I don't have access to their dashboard to see what is exactly going on but the issue is "The interior needs a wider inside margin." The trim size is 8.5x11 and I have the margins set at .375 all the way around. It has bleeds so the final size is 8.625x11.25. From what I can tell, all of my "live" elements are within the margins or bleed off the page. I do have a few colored boxes that don't bleed but are slightly outside of the margins (page 18, 27). I also have two images that spread across the page (30, 38). Would these cause issues?

Here is a link to the PDF that was rejected: https://issuu.com/artsunleashed/docs/em ... ag_ed2_fix

Also the last PDF submitted was a Acrobat 6 (1.5) and I just realized that CreateSpace says "We support PDF v1.4 and lower" would this cause any issues?

Appreciate any help! Thanks!!

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Re: [CREATESPACE] Inside Margins

Post by walton » Mon May 21, 2018 1:21 pm

I don't have much time, and I am having problems with my video card. My first guess is that you have, or CS thinks you have, live elements that are inside the out-of-live margin (0.25" around each page inside the trim line). For example, it looks like the woman's face inside an oval (upper left, left-hand page) could be problematic.

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Re: [CREATESPACE] Inside Margins

Post by Michelle » Mon May 21, 2018 8:48 pm

Here are some other pages that *might* need attention:

page 4 - red border in the gutter should be 0.375"
page 5 - white edge on the top ad should be 0.25", or the red background must bleed
page 6 - the outer edge needs a wider margin (0.25") before the woman's face
page 18 - looks fine to me, as long as the red shape bleeds off the page properly
page 21 - the word "change" looks like it's in the gutter
page 22 - the border around the white box should be removed so that the white bleeds off the page and all the way into the gutter
page 27 - the cloud might be too close to the live margin
page 30 - shouldn't cause a problem, but CS sometime considers this text a live element
page 35 - the orange box might need to bleed more (bottom right corner)
page 37 - the text bleeding off the page could cause problems. I suggest a 0.25" (plus bleed) border around the whole page
page 38 - no problems with this one
page 42 - the phone image needs to come out of the live margin (top and side)
page 52 - needs to bleed (left side) or increase the white margin
page 52 - delete the orange border or make it 0.25" thick plus bleed
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