[CreateSpace] Moderation gone loony

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[CreateSpace] Moderation gone loony

Post by Phoenix » Thu Oct 05, 2017 2:22 pm

Walton and many other long standing members of the CreateSpace forum have had their posts moderated and rejected for no apparent reasons since before forming the Self-publishing forum. It would seem that they have a spy on here because anyone associated with the forum gets moderated on their forum as well, or else, they have just plain gone loony over there. Below is an email I received...

You have received this email because the content you posted below has been rejected by our moderators.
Re: Brand New Author looking for feedback.
posted Sep 28, 2017 5:41 PM
This is your second post asking pretty much the same thing as the first without live links again. Multiple posts on the same subject, especially entreaties to review are frowned upon in this forum and often considered spam. We have enough of that as it is, so please refrain from posting about the same thing again. If you have not received reviews it is possibly because forum members are either not interested in your material or shell-shocked by previous attempts to provide honest reviews which were greeted with hand-grenades by the author expecting nothing but praise. One suggestion may be to tout your offerings among religious circles rather than a bunch of writers and publishers?

I will let you make up your own minds whether anything I wrote went against the forum regulations.
Good on you Walton and others for starting this forum. I think it will gradually gain in popularity, especially while the other forums are inundated with reams of spam every day.

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Re: [CreateSpace] Moderation gone loony

Post by walton » Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:26 pm

Although I have had quite a few posts moderated, and I have gotten several calls from CS about links to here in my posts on the CS forum, I don't think they have actually targeted me.

Keep in mind the relative competence of many customer service people. For example, the moment when I decided I would never remove another spam from the CS forum, and I would look into starting selfpublishingforum was when I called CustomerService to complain about what had grown from under 50 spams to over 250 in about an hour (I had already spent an hour reporting/removing spam). I had been told by several people well above CustomerService that calling was what they wanted us to do. The woman I spoke with was confused as to why I was calling and what it was about, but at my suggestion she went to the forum and saw the problem (well, I had to do more explaining). She said she would file a report. About an hour later I got an email from CS asking for the URL to their forum.

It's possible they hold a grudge, but it is more likely they just don't train their people well.

At any rate, I'm not that paranoid, not yet.

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