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[Amazon] Crackdown

Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 5:19 pm
by Phoenix
Over on KBoards there are a couple of posts in the writer's cafe about a major crackdown by Amazon against book stuffers and bot reads scamming the KU reads program. Lots of authors seeing major reductions in their read count as a result. Some innocents, possibly the victims of bots reading legitimate accounts to throw off the scent of their schemes, have had their revenues halved or worse. Major closures of accounts and overall crackdown it seems. 'Luckily', I have too few KU reads to be concerned? Not sure if I should be calling myself lucky about that, just quietly.
First is link to article. ... 1778230273
Link to KBoards post on article and subsequent discussions.,262307.0.html
Link to Kboards post on reductions of KU reads,262378.0.html